Introducing our 6 Pillars currently on roll out

Jpeg Listor

Collect digital arts – Buy and sell NFTs from the world’s top artists, Browse and build your collection of the world’s most cutting-edge digital art. Artists receive continuous royalties for all secondary sales on their artworks – forever

Taka (The Dex App)

State of the art tracking. Cross-Chain. Track Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon addresses. With over 20 more chains being added in 2022. Unlimited Addresses. Combine multiple addresses into a single view. Without limit. Rich Data. Track the price, quantity, value, change, and purchase cost of all your tokens.

Wallet Tracer

With our Wallet tracer you will Always stay up-to-date with the performance of your holdings and net worth. Track the historical activity of your Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain wallet. Visualize your NFT Portfolio in a clean interface and estimate your total value by the last sale price. Easily share your portfolio with anybody


Our Derruging entangler offering a burn mechanism to rugged investors with worthless jpeg to burn the art and get our token in return as Value

NFT Chart App

Our NFT data tool that collect and correlate NFT projects market movement , providing advance features and detailed charts and data to potential investors

Scamvengers (NFT Metaverse game)

Our NFT arts to be released in Q3 with a P2E Metaverse Game where you can earn our token in Development. Also allow other games to host on platforms


A decentralized governance where we award the sense token/coin to anyone contributing to the LP. Those with the token can participate in network voting/governance..

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